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36 Reasons Your Child Might be Freaking Out!

36 Reasons Your Child Might be Freaking Out!

Mom life is a confusing life, especially when your kids have massive meltdowns over some of the most ridiculous things.  Here are a few reasons that my kids have freaked out on me.  I’ll bet money that you have had at least half of these episodes as well 🙂 The reasons are pretty funny after the fact, but these emotions are oh so real to the little ones in our lives and it makes for an interesting life as a parent.

  1. His sister is looking at him
  2. Her brother is looking at her
  3. Their blanket isn’t tucked under their feet
  4. They can’t get their pillow right
  5. The dog wants to cuddle
  6. Someone touches their foot
  7. They don’t like their hair
  8. They don’t like your hair
  9. His sister is talking
  10. His sister is singing
  11. His sister is smiling
  12. You asked her/him how school was
  13. You told her she was beautiful
  14. You told him he was handsome
  15. Their socks feel funny
  16. Every pair of pants they try on they hate
  17. Because you won’t sit on them
  18. Because you sat on them
  19. Because you won’t throw a pillow at them
  20. You don’t understand what they are saying
  21. You won’t let them sit on top of the fridge
  22. You won’t wipe their butt for them
  23. Their drink isn’t in the right cup
  24. Their sister/brother opened the garage before they could
  25. They weren’t the first one to get into the car
  26. They pooped their pants
  27. They peed their pants
  28. They threw up all over the bed in the middle of the night.
  29. The dog slobbered on them
  30. The dog knocked them down
  31. Their legs are broken (so they say 🙄)
  32. You won’t let them in the bathroom to watch you pee.
  33. Your using the bathroom and they have to go potty even though there are 2 other available bathrooms they could use.
  34. They can’t have ice cream for breakfast
  35. You aren’t good enough (yes my little girl has told me that while freaking out! 😂)
  36. They are allergic to the heater in the car and want you to turn it off.






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2 thoughts on “36 Reasons Your Child Might be Freaking Out!

  1. As easy as it is to laugh about all this. 🙂 Some kids have actual special needs that make some of these not as ridiculous as they sound. I know the sound of my husband on our elliptical (it really needs oil) about sends me up a wall. My youngest is autistic, but I know a few kids that are sensitivity processing disorder and they have a really hard time with some sounds, textures, and colors. My son has issues with a few of those. Once in a while you do have to stop yourself from chuckling at how silly a few reasons sound, yet I know to him many are really horrible irritants that he can’t live with. Or that he has convinced himself are dangerous for some reason.

    1. Yes I totally agree with you and even those kids without special needs, these issues are real to them. Just like we have issues as adults, kids have them too.

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