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5 Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom

5 Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom

Ok, so I am the stay at home mom and these are my secrets, but I guarantee if you are a mom you have at least one of these secrets too.

I call them secrets because they are rarely ever talked about and they can cause some major guilt when it comes to how you value yourself as a mom.  If us moms can just talk to each other more about what REALLY goes on at home then we can feel a whole lot better about ourselves.

Secret #1 The TV is my babysitter “Sometimes”My kids watch way more TV than they should.  I have to admit this because there is this judgment around letting your kids watch too much TV.

If you are totally appalled please spare me the lecture, let me do me and you do you.  To each his own…

My take on it is I am too damn tired and I got sh*t to do, it is so hard entertaining your kids while doing laundry or the dishes.

Sometimes when you are on the edge the TV is an AMAZING MAGICAL thing… I tell myself it’s totally fine as long as it’s educational.

Secret #2 Oatmeal is a great dinner


Dinner time at my house is complete chaos!  Well if I had a scheduled dinner time it would be…lol!

I stopped worrying about having an awesome home-cooked meal a long time ago.  The stress of making dinner while your kids are whining and fighting is enough to drive you bat sh*t crazy! Plus, they NEVER eat what I tell them to.  I have to use reverse psychology on them by making myself a good dinner and not offering them any.  They ALWAYS want what I have 😉  Works like a charm…

When it’s been one of those days Oatmeal is my savior! It’s healthy, they love it, it fills their bellies and everyone is happy.  You can even get oatmeal with fruit in it! See, healthy…

Secret #3 In the Summer months, pool time is bath time

Yup, I said it! Sometimes I just don’t see the point of giving them a bath at the end of a pool day.  If my kids have been in the pool in the back yard all day and their skin is wrinkled I say they are clean.  It’s a win-win for everyone! They have a blast and mama gets a break 🙂

Now, if we are swimming in chlorine then a bath is necessary, but I hardly ever go to public swimming pools!  That’s a whole other blog post right there…lol!

Secret #4 I buy my kids something EVERY TIME we go to the store

I know I am so horrible! You are probably going to say that I am raising them to be entitled little brats, but most of the time it’s all I can do to get through the store alive! With that said I hardly ever go grocery shopping with my kids anymore or ever!  I will tell you a HUGE life changer for me by the way I do my grocery shopping…you will love it too if you haven’t discovered it yet.  The post is in my “Time Saving Tips for Moms” section.  You are welcome!

Secret #5 I wear my yoga pants 24/7

Yes! Yoga pants are seriously the answer to all my problems.  I can literally sleep in my yoga pants, wake up the next day lounge around in them all morning…throw on a workout top and some tennis shoes and call it good! I can go grocery shopping and run errands with no shame at all… People will just think I workout out like ALL the time.  Same goes for my hair, just throw it up in a pony tail or bun to complete the perfect workout look.  Saves me sooo much time!  If you really want to go ahead and workout get the links to all my favorite workout sites below!  They all have awesome free workouts for home.

I told you my secrets, now you have to tell me yours 🙂

Post in the comments if you do any of these things or if there is something else you’d like to share.  Us moms have a lot more in common then we all think we do.

I am sure at some moment in every moms life she has thought “I’m a bad mom, I wonder if other moms do this?”.  It helps to know that we aren’t alone in some of our mom struggles.

Thanks for reading!


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6 thoughts on “5 Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom

  1. LOL #1 I’m guilty of too. Even the ipad and iphone to keep the toddler occupied. It is really hard to entertain little ones when you are multitasking at the same time. I leave my toddler on the high chair with the ipad for a few hours so that I can do the dishes and laundry without him following me around and getting into all sorts of trouble. Thanks for the tips!

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