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5 Killer Ab Workouts Using Paper Plates

5 Killer Ab Exercises to Do With Paper Plates

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Disclaimer #2:  I am not a professional fitness expert and I am not telling you to do these exercises so if you try these workouts do so at your own risk.  These are moves from a program I am currently doing and wanted to share.

Ab workout #1

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Ab workout #2

Ab workout #3

Ab workout #4

Ab workout #5

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4 thoughts on “5 Killer Ab Workouts Using Paper Plates

    1. Lol! Awesome, thanks for checking it out 🙂 I only used the paper plates because I didn’t buy any sliders for the program I was doing. Paper plates work just as good in my opinion.

  1. I will have to give these exercises a shot. I sit down for long hours for work and it has affected my back and hip as my core has been weakened. So I need to do core exercises to help alleviate the pain. These exercises that you have shown will work perfectly for what I am trying to accomplish. Thanks for sharing!

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