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8 Must Have Graphic Apps for Bloggers

8 Must Have Graphic Apps for Bloggers

These 8 must have graphic apps are amazing for bloggers and business owners especially if you want to save money.  If you are a creator like me you will love these!  Creating your graphics, logos, videos and ads is a breeze with these apps.  Check them out!

1- Retouch

This app is seriously a must have if you want to remove unwanted objects in your iPhone photos.  You can download in the app store.


VSCO is a great app for those who want to enhance their photos and make them pop! There are so many different filters and presets you can add to your photos.

3- Wordswag

Wordswag is awesome for creating those perfect quotes.  You can use the stock photos in the app or you can use your own photos and add words to them.  This is one of my favorite apps I have.

4- Planoly

Planoly does have a monthly fee you pay but it is a great app to help you plan out your Instagram posts the way you want.  This helps to keep your brand consistent by letting you see it before it’s posted.

5- Darkroom

Darkroom is great for editing your photos and adjusting the brightness and contrasts of your images.

6- Videoshop

This app is the best for making your own videos.  You can record right on the app and then edit.  You can add words, music and even speed up or slow down the video.

7- Canva

Canva is a great free app for creating all your social media graphics, logos and ads.  There is also a paid version which is minimal and totally worth the price for everything it can do for you.  I use canva for everything!


UNUM is very similar to Planoly except for it is FREE! Who doesn’t like free right 🙂

Don’t forget to download the info graphic for all of these apps and keep it in a safe place to refer to later! Also make sure to pin it to your Pinterest boards.

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