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Eating Clean to Get Lean

Eating Clean to Get Lean

Eating Clean is the hardest thing to do.  In this day and age you can basically get any food fast and now!  With little kids running around and driving me crazy that is exactly what I need.  Taking the time to cook a homemade meal that has all the food groups in it is so overwhelming. What is the point when you know that your kids won’t eat their meal.

Eating clean and healthy is something I need to make more effort with even if it is hard.  I recently had a breakdown after seeing a photo that was taken of me on Thanksgiving.  Avoiding cameras at all costs is my thing, but this one caught me and it was an eye opener.  Gaining weight is something I struggle with, but I didn’t realize how far off track I had gone.

After seeing my pictures I decided right then and there that I was going to quite my bad habits that contribute to my weight gain.  One of them being wine!

This post is hard to write because if you have followed me the last couple of years on social media I have been an active Beachbody Coach where I have helped many women to lose weight and get in shape.  So, for me it should come easy right? Well, I struggle just like anyone else.

Exercise and Nutrition is something I have gained a lot of knowledge in and I know what I need to do to lose my weight and to feel better, but for me I have this mental barrier that I struggle to break down every day.   Lacking discipline and willpower and being the most emotional and stressed out person on the planet is a horrible combination.

I am restarting my journey once again and below are some things that helped me lose weight in the past so I’m sticking to them.


It is so easy to get trapped in a cycle of negative thinking.  Don’t let that happen and if you do then don’t stay there long.

4 Tips to Strengthen Your Mindset

1- Read or listen to Personal Development books EVERYDAY

Here is a list of some of my favorites:

2- Go to bed each night and set your intentions for the morning

This means have a plan of what time you are going to wake up.  Lay out your clothes.  Decide on a list of things you want to get done for the next day.  Having a plan of what you want to accomplish the night before can lead to a GREAT start to your day.

3- Read positive affirmations each day

4- Replace Your “I can’ts” with “I can and I will”

Try this for one day and see how it can effect your day and your mood.  I like to do this exercise sometimes when I have been putting myself down a lot or feeling negative.


If you have a plan you are more likely to be successful.

Steps to Plan

1. Plan your meals for the upcoming week

Download this meal planner and shopping list planner to help you get started.  It helps to write it all out.  Write down all the recipes you and your family like that are healthy.  Next Plan which days you want to make them and write out your grocery list for your meals.  Don’t forget to make a list of what items you already have on hand so you aren’t wasting money at the store.

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2. Prep your meals for the upcoming week

Cook all your meat and wash and cut all your veggies and fruit.  Remember you can portion these out and freeze some so it doesn’t go bad.

3. Schedule your workouts

Make a goal of how many times you want to workout during the week and schedule them.  Set an alarm on your phone for a reminder to get moving.

4. Have  healthy snacks on hand ALWAYS!

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Download this awesome list of healthy snacks that me and my family love!

Having small healthy snacks on hand can save you from making a bad choice because you are so hungry.  One of my favorite snacks that is so satisfying are black olives…mmmm so good!

5. Have a plan for social gatherings even if that means you have to pack your own food!


Support is one of the BIGGEST parts of being successful with your goals.

Let your goals be known!

Tell you family, your friends, Facebook…etc…the more you can hold yourself accountable the better.

Get a workout buddy or join a Facebook group where nutrition and healthy living is the topic of conversation.  It can be so motivational and inspiring.  Make sure to check into those groups EVERYDAY!  Sometimes all I need to see is other women getting their workouts in and I get a ton of great healthy meal ideas from their posts!

If you found this post helpful share the health!



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1 thought on “Eating Clean to Get Lean

  1. This is definitely something I can relate to. I’ve been unemployed for 9 months and sitting around have caused the pounds to add up. I will be applying some of these ideas in my daily routine. Thanks

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