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If you are anything like me grocery shopping with my kids is on the top of my hated to do list.  The constant asking for this and for that, it’s hard to keep to your budget.

Mentally I try to keep track of how much I am spending, but with kids in tow it’s nearly impossible and I end up spending more than I want to.  It also takes me FOREVER to get what I need.  Over an hour at least..

Last year I discovered the BEST time saver for grocery shopping and I use it every chance I get.  Depending on where you live your grocery stores may not offer this, but soon I bet they all will.

Here in Utah I shop at Smiths and I use their click-list program.  I can do all my grocery shopping online the night before or even the day of and then reserve a time to pick up.  When I arrive at my pickup time I simply call the pick up number and they associates bring out my groceries and even load it into the car for me!

How awesome is that?  Especially if you have kids, it saves so much time and money.  An added bonus you can go in your pajamas…and your kids can look like the little ragamuffins they are when playing at home…no getting out of the car means no judgement…lol!

Some stores even deliver! I had Smiths deliver my entire Thanksgiving feast so I could avoid the crowds and lines.

Is there a fee?

Yes, but it is minimal if you consider you are saving gas and or time.  If you ask me it is SO WORTH IT! The pick-up fee is only $4.95 (in Utah) and the delivery is only $11.95 (in Utah).  Give it a try if you haven’t already…it is LIFE CHANGING!

Awesome Benefits to using Click-List

1- Saves you time (at least an hour)

2- You can get 50 extra fuel points if you go online and complete a short survey on your experience

3- If you like to coupon or want to, but don’t want the hassle of figuring out your coupons in store you can bring them to your pickup.  Easy peasy!

4- You can load digital coupons on your account that will automatically apply to your order

5- You can save money by keeping track of what the cost with be

6- Your click-list account will keep a record of the items you bought on your last visit

7- Click-list will show you recommended sale items for you based on what you normally buy.

8- You can go in your pjs

9- Your kids can go in their pjs

10- You don’t have to worry about running into someone you know if you are having a bad face, clothes, or hair day…lol!

The list of benefits go on and on, but these are my top favorites!

Other Awesome Programs to Save Time and Money

Check out AmazonFresh.  It is not yet available in my area, but you can order all your groceries from Amazon!  As soon as it’s available I plan on trying it out.  When I do I will update this post with a review for you.

Amazon Subscribe and Save

I use Amazon Subscribe and save for those household items that we always need.  I order my dog food, toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, and sanitizer wipes.

If you have a standing order of at least 5 things you order every month or every other month you get a 15% discount on all the items.

For example:  The large bag of dog food I buy at the grocery store is $29.99 where as if I buy it through Amazon Subscribe and save I get it for $19.99…So awesome!  We usually need 2 large bags a month so my dog food bill went from $60/month to $40/month.



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