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Making Money from Home Doing What You Love

Making Money from Home Doing What You Love

Making money from home is possible for anyone.  The question is will you start?  Do you have the passion and desire to be your own boss? If so, keep reading for some inspiration.

I chose to be a stay at home mom instead of pursue a career in the corporate world. When I made that decision I did not realize how bored I would become not working.

Don’t get me wrong my kids keep me busy, but they also drive me crazy! There is only so much you can do in a day to keep your kids entertained.  After a while you long for learning, adult conversation, lunch with co-workers, alone time, and the sound of the radio while you drive to work sipping on your hot coffee.  Am I right?

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I can’t believe that I ever HATED the 9-5 life.  To me it would be a vacation to have 8 full hours without the whining, crying, and fighting I endure everyday as a stay at home mom.  Being home all day is tough.

I really wanted to go back to work to get a break,but I just couldn’t imagine not being the boss of my own time and what I do with it.   That is when I started researching work from home jobs and I could not find anything that I was passionate about or that wasn’t a scam.  I was determined to start working from home doing something I love!

So, I started thinking about what I was good at and thought maybe I can start my own business.  That is when “Nohea La Belle” was born! At the time I was obsessed with big bows for my daughter and made my own to save money.  I thought, why not make them and sell them on Etsy and so the making money from home began.

This is my precious little girl with her giant bow. This is not my bow, but it’s beautiful. Bow by Cozette Couture and Photography by Mae Photography.

Making Money From Home,Where do you start?

Having no idea about starting my own business and selling I went straight to Google and researched EVERYTHING to figure it out.  You can really teach yourself to do anything if you want it bad enough.

After doing some research I chose to start with Etsy; it had all the tools I needed as a new business owner.  There is a small percentage of what you sell that goes to Etsy, but totally worth it.  Etsy has all the back office tools, shipping, tutorials, and keeps track of your sales and profits.  Setting up and stocking your shop with your products  is the hardest and most time consuming part.

Don’t Talk Yourself out of Starting Your Own Business

When I opened my shop I was insecure and thought people would think I was stupid.  I didn’t think anyone would buy anything and thought my friends and family would be secretly doubting me.

I  had no idea how I was going to get a logo for my new bow business.  A professional graphic designer was no in my budget.

Lucky for me I have an awesome brother-in-law in graphic design who whipped up a great logo for me. Fast forward a few years and I have learned so much about creating my own graphics and logos for free.  I won’t go into detail about that now, but a tutorial is on the way!

My First Sale on Etsy

My shop is stocked with bows and I was advertising on my Facebook page, but no one was buying.  I kept at it and kept posting.  At the time I had no idea how to get traffic to my shop so it was a very slow beginning.

I remember one day sitting on my couch and I heard a “cha-ching!” sound come from my phone.  When I checked my phone it said “you have a new order from Etsy”.  That was the most exciting day of my life I swear! I called my husband immediately to tell him the good news.

After that call I began on the order right away and had it shipped out the next day.  That very first order boosted my confidence and I was excited about my business again!

Orders started to come in slowly, but they were coming πŸ™‚   I got custom orders for special occasions like birthdays and pictures.  As I started learning more about business and selling I got smarter.

I really wanted professional pictures of my bows so they looked better, but couldn’t afford to do that. Then, I got a brilliant idea! I had met a couple AMAZING baby and family photographers in Utah Mae Photography and Mine to Adore Photography and made a deal with them.  I sent them free bows that they could use on their clients and if the clients wanted to use them then I could have the picture!  It was awesome and once I had professional pictures I got more business.

I posted a simple headband on a photography prop site and I received over 100 orders!  To say I got busy was an understatement πŸ™‚

Not for ME

After a while I decided that making these bows was way too time consuming.  The inventory was taking over the house and mailing out packages was too much.  I decided to close my shop πŸ™ I still LOVED having my own business I just didn’t LOVE making bows πŸ™‚  I gained so much knowledge and a ton of confidence that I knew being an entrepreneur was not over for me.  My journey had just began!

My First MLM Gig

After I began closing down shop with my bow business I found this amazing product that I loved so much!  I had a friend who sent me a sample of these nail things and I thought nothing of it.  I put it in my purse and forgot about it.  Then one day as I was cleaning out my purse I found them and decided to try them out.  I followed the directions and I was pleasantly surprised!

The Product

These nail things were called Jamberry Nails.  The best way to describe them is like stickers.  The adhesive on them is activated with heat and they stay on your nails for up to 3 weeks.  Your nails look like they are professional done.

My First Home Party

I ordered a few sheets for myself and since I was buying so many at full price I just signed up to be a consultant so that I could get them at a discount.  Then, I decided what the hell I am going to tell people about these and sell some because they are amazing!  I still love them.  I booked my first in home party and made $220 for one hour of presenting and demonstrating these things!  I was on a high about it for days.

I did several more parties, some were more successful than others, but it was fun.  I was able to reconnect with old friends from high school and get out of the house a few nights a week.  It helped my sanity sooooo much and I was a better mom because of it.

Strengthening My Confidence

After a while of Selling Jamberry I decided it was just not my thing either.  You are probably thinking I am just a big quitter, but to be honest I HATED doing the in home parties.  I always got so nervous talking in front of a crowd, my mouth would go dry, I would sweat profusely and I had to carry so much inventory.  I decided I would just be a hobby consultant so I could use my discount.  I was so excited that I didn’t cancel my account, because as I was slowing down my business Jamberry came out with a gel nail system which I LOVE!  So awesome.

The moral of the Jamberry story is that I continued to grow as an entrepreneur and gained so much more confidence in myself.

Health and Fitness Coaching

Ok now a lot of you who are visiting this page know me as a health and fitness coach.  This is where I spent 2 years of my life and it was ABSOLUTELY the best decision I ever made.

My First Health Coach

Because of my Jamberry business I reconnected with an old friend from high school who was doing this fitness coaching and I wanted to do a program.  I was miserable with the way I felt and looked and needed to change something in my life.

I signed up with my friend and I did not need any convincing at all.  I bought everything she was selling.  I mean she was my friend and I knew she wasn’t trying to just make a buck off of me.  She was a great coach.  She provided me with meal plans and grocery shopping lists!

I got my workout and my meal replacement shake called Shakeology a few days after I ordered it and started on my plan right away!  I had ordered the 21 Day Fix and I loved it.  Every part of my body was so sore for the first week.  I could hardly walk…lol!

My First Transformation

This is my before and after photos of when I did the 21 Day Fix the first time.  I lost 10lbs in 21 days, but I don’t remember what my measurements were.

Health Journey

Long story short after my first transformation I wanted to help other people like my coach helped me.  I became a coach and I LOVED it!

Why I Stopped

I am not actively coaching right now, because I have been busy doing some creative projects that take up a lot of my time.  The products are amazing and I still drink my Shake everyday.  It helps me with my digestion, my hair, skin and nails.  It also helps me with my sugar cravings.  So, with that said health and fitness is still something I am very passionate about and is a topic on my blog.  I will continue to help others with my blog posts.

Refinishing Furniture/Woodworking

This last year I have really taken an interest in redecorating my home with beautiful furniture and decor.  Instead of spending a fortune I have spent a lot of time figuring out how to do it myself for cheaper and WAY better (IMO).  I have done projects for neighbors and others by word of mouth and sell my creations πŸ™‚ It’s way more fun and my kids get to play outside while I am painting.

I am excited to share with you all that I know and all that I have learned.  Below are some pictures of some projects I have done over this past year.  You can also visit my Facebook page where you can see more of my work.  While you are there make sure to like my page πŸ™‚

chalk paint







Printable Wall Decor

Simplyblessed blessthis mess small

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1 thought on “Making Money from Home Doing What You Love

  1. Wow! You went through a lot of work from homes. Trial and error! Nothing wrong with multiple streams of income. Your bows are cute! Too bad you closed your shop. =( I have a bunch of girlfriends who love dressing up their little girls. Anway, more power to you! I feel you with working from home and being your own boss. I’m working on a few businesses as well. I told my husband I’m done with the 9-5 job, but like you said you long for an adult conversation and me time. I do miss adult conversations and me time, but if I have to focus on my business? I have to hustle and this time balance the work life and family life. I totally give props to moms who work and take care of their family.

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